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Green Bridge Coffee

What if your daily coffee routine could help your neighborhood?  


We believe in a high-quality cup of coffee.  We believe in giving back to the community. Green Bridge Coffee was born by putting those two ideas together. 


Our hope is to not only serve outstanding coffee, but to also be a neighbor in our community by supporting local causes with every single purchase. Green Bridge Coffee serves the communities they operate in by donating 10% of every purchase to local non-profits, organizations and neighbors in need. 
Their newest coffee shop located at NE 7th and Holladay features inside and outside seating, free wifi and serves breakfast and lunch.  Follow them on Instagram (@greenbridgecoffee) or their website ( and keep up to date on their latest news, which partners they are supporting and the latest drink and food specials.

Hours:  MON-FRI: 6a-5p.  SAT/SUN: 8a-3p. 

Facebook: /greebridgecoffee  | IG: @greenbridgecoffee

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