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In creating JCafé, owner and proprietor Jonathan Cross (‘J’) researched cafés and eateries throughout Portland to bring together the best of what he saw and experienced; a place to feel at home, enjoy the best coffee, and appreciate excellent food. In 2004, JCafé works closely with Portland Roasting to offer a menu of seasonal specialty coffees. Batch and manual brewed filter coffees are all carefully selected, roasted, and brewed to highlight the specific unique flavor of different coffee bean characteristics.


Walking distance of Portland's convention center, the Lloyd Center and right off the MAX line, JCafé is the place to meet friends, take a break, read a book, or just escape. In the summer months you can even enjoy our outside seating area. The hospitality at JCafé makes it the perfect host to Portland residents and guests alike.


Come and Relax. We invite you to stop in.

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