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Member Spotlight: Life's Work Physical Therapy

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Life's Work Physical Therapy established a location in Lloyd in 2015. Founder Sandra Stryker was attracted to the location due to the growth of the area and residential/business mix. Life's Work seeks to help people stay active and maintain a high quality of life through personalized programs and hands-on approach. They treat all sorts of people with various physical issues such as those:

• Experiencing acute or chronic pain

• Recovering from surgery

• Dealing with a sports injury

• Suffering from lower back pain

Life's Work has a number of innovative programs such as ergonomic assessments of your workstation, tips on lifestyle changes and other preventative approaches designed to alleviate issues before they become more severe.

"At Life's Work, we love helping people get better and back to doing what they love," says Sandra Stryker.

Check out their next Lunch & Learn in Sept. on how to keep your knees healthy as they age (www.lcapdx.org/post/lunch-and-learn) and visit their website to learn more about their company www.lifesworkpt.com.

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